Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thank you LORD for another beautiful day!

I praise you and thank you God forever and always, I love you and honour you my dearest Lord and Saviour Jesus!!!:)

It's another gorgeous day today with the sun shining so beautifully.

My quote for today, 'It is not length of life, but depth of life', by Ralph Waldo Emerson. It's the depth of life in Christ indeed!!

For the first time, I connected my mobile to an internet yesterday, so what a great start to praise God on my first status update on facebook in my mobile this morning!

I heard wonderful preachings and messages and enjoyed listening to great praise and worship songs on Hope 1032 this morning , where I usually tune in to on Sunday morning, and will be going to Wesley Mission Praise and Worship 6 PM Service.

There's no outcome yet with the Australian Election. Liberal has won 72 seats in the Parliament and Labor won 71 seats, the other news said they both have 71, and in order to win the government, a party has to get 76 seats. At the moment, it's impossible to get that and the three Independents who won are said to be hooked up to each other and discussing who they're going to give their support or vote. And they might even ask the intervention of the Australian Governor General to negotiate or the possiblity of the repeat of the election.

I pray for the Lord's guidance and empowerment in Australian politics and that He will make Australia a Christian nation always.

I always rejoice in Jesus!

God bess, His peace and joy in us always,:)
Ruth <)



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